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Mission Statement


Most of the existing initiatives in the region are focused on supporting start-up ecosystems on a national level. We see regional cooperation, mutual learning and joint actions between the ecosystems as a key element to get them to the next level. Therefore, we seek to support meaningful collaboration, research and events that support the Western Balkans start-up community. Joining the alliance is free of charge, the only currency is the commitment to jointly improve the regional ecosystem. Organization interested to contribute to the objectives mentioned in this mission statement are invited to join the alliance.

Our Work


We are the group of the Western Balkans Start up enthusiastists which share commitment to jointly strengthen the start-up ecosystems in the Western Balkans. WBSA eagers to connect the region and use the joint knowledge and experience of the start-ups as the cohesive force for creating new solutions for the common chalenges. We see the regional playground as an opportunity to grow faster, and therefore we want to develop one voice concepts which will show our capabilities to interested stakeholders, founders, investors or the tech diaspora. This will give members the opportunity to engage with clients and partners and faster reach different markets.


Our Mission

Our mission at Western Balkans Start-up Alliance is to support and promote the growth of innovative start-ups in the region. We aim to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to create a thriving start-up ecosystem. Our goal is to drive economic development, create jobs, and foster innovation in the Western Balkans.

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Our History

The Western Balkans Start-up Alliance aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, connecting start-ups with investors and providing support through various programs. Its history can be traced back to 2023, when a group of entrepreneurs and organizations from the region came together to form a network dedicated to promoting the start-up ecosystem.

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Our Work

The Western Balkans Start-up Alliance aims to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the region by connecting start-ups with investors, mentors, and resources. Our work involves creating partnerships, organizing events, and providing support to start-ups. Through our efforts, we hope to promote economic growth and job creation in the Western Balkans.

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Our Main Services

The Western Balkans Start-up Alliance is a regional initiative aimed at supporting the growth and development of start-ups and innovation ecosystems in the Western Balkans region. Here are five main services that the alliance could offer to start-ups:

Policy Development

Supporting policy creation and advocating changes to national legislations throughout the region.

Corporate Engagement

We run common programmes with corporates to advance their participation in startup support and ecosystem scaling.

Seed Funding And Dealflow

Create opportunities for startups to access early stage investments and help investors identify opportunities in the local markets.

Ecosystem Data

We offer reports and intelligence covering innovation ecosystems in the region.

Startup Programmes

We run acceleration programmes with horizontal and vertical industry focus and promote best companies from the region to a wider audience.

Our Latest News


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